CNC-Turning Technology

Outstanding thermostability and the hightest machining accuracy


Processing center: emcoturn E45

Travel in: x = 160mm / y = - / z = 310mm

Bar diameter: 45mm

Max turining diameter: 220mm

Max speed: 0-6300 rpm






CNC - Milling Technology

With the CNC milling technology we have the possibility to manufacture precision parts of most diverse materials such as structual steel grade S235JR - S355JO, exclusive stainless steel, aluminium and synthetic material.


Processing center: emco VMC 200

Travel in: x = 420mm / y = 330mm / z = 240mm

Milling diameter: 120mm

Infinitely variable spindel: 0-6300 rpm


In line with customer specific requirements we produce from unique pieces

up to series for strong enterprises as well as for the private sector.


Simply send us your request per mail & we will provide you with an offer:

CNC-Laser Technology

The basis for product variety and quality.


CNC-laser-cutting with a max. processing format of:

3000mm x 1500mm.

Maximum thickness of the material :

15 mm with construction steel

  6 mm with stainless steel

  5 mm with aluminium


Cutting accuracy, quality assurance and fast turn-around times make high-quality job execution and guarantee on-time delivery.







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