Rental Service & Tunnel Transformers

Hire-purchase and Rental Service


Whether a short-term rental to tide you over, a medium-term building site power supply or longer-term rental, the advantages such as cost efficiency and flexibility in plant size are clear.


We take care of the labor-intensive, organisational and conceptual expenditure, as well as the coordination with electrical utility companies.

The delivery, installation, connection, grounding, start-up and a tailored maintenance plan provide an ‘all-round’ service.

We professionally determine the required capacity.


Should a rental tranformer station malfunction we can quickly & efficiently supply a replacement, reducing larger consequential expenses.




Our Rental Substations are available as:


Oil immersed transformers, dry type transformers or

cast resin transformers

in-line with 10 kV, 20 kV and 30 kV

with special voltage levels: 5 kV, 6 kV, 11 kV, 15 kV

air- or SF6- insloated switchgear

constructed as a prefabricated packed substation


or as a containerized switchgear



Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding availability

of our rental substations or visit us on:

Tunneltransformer Station


A special option is the construction as a tunnel transformer station, which is delivered with an explosive protection carriage.

The tunnel transformer station is built as a sturdy steel construction especially for drill-and-blast tunneling works.

Additional fire-extinguisher-systems are also available with these tunnel stations.



The rental substations can be supervised and maintained on a regular basis by our qualified staff upon request.

The individual maintenance intervals will be coordinated with the client.






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